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About me

My heart's direction

1. It is important to me to reactivate divine feminine qualities and powers in us men and women, for the healing of each individual and society.

2. Free Spiritual Blessings 
With all my heart I am thrilled to lead blessing ceremonies for newborns and children to welcome them into our world, as well as I am happy to take over the ceremony for free spiritual weddings.

3. Above all, I feel called too support and empower our youth and young adults so that they can develop their full potential in life to create their paradise on earth with joy and harmony.

My heart's attitude

When my father died in 2019, something in my heart opened and I was able to receive wisdom that saved me and my soul. I recognized the "Divine Man/Woman" in all of us. A part of the SOPHIA consciousness was conveyed to me. Through meditation and training, I am constantly raising my consciousness in order to receive my divine-spiritual call with clarity. I recognize myself and can support you to find yourself again and that you recognize your divine being that you are and thereby you become free and healthy.

SOPHIA is a constant part of my spiritual transmission and I put my work in her hands.  But in light of SOPHIA, also the Hermetics, astrology, the kabbahlistic Tree of Life and dealing with elemental forces belong in my toolbox when I accompany people spiritually and in coachings

The attitude of client-centered recognition, appreciation and congruence according to Carl Rogers is very important to me.


My Journey

2022 - Certified SOPHIA Circle Leader

of the American Mystery School of KAIA RA.

Finally, it made click! I woke up and realized who I was and what my purpose on earth is - the reason I incarnated. SOPHIA and her field of consciousness showed me what to do. I founded the SOPHIA Consciousness School and opened the mysticalTemple of the Heart.I gather herbs from nature for teas and cooking, I'm vegan now, don't drink alcohol (well, almost, I'm not extreme but self-loving), pray, meditate and have arrived happily in heaven on earth; well almost! I still have enough issues to work on, issues that make me human and connect me with you.​ And sometimes it feels like a step backwards until the next step into the light becomes magically possible on a higher level of consciousness.

2020  - My book "SOPHIA - Mary Magdalene & the divine human being" was published parallel to my doctoral thesis and  based on mystical inspirations from Mary Magdalene  (as it turned out) in 2019. She give me links to universal wisdom. It was the beginning of a development of knowledge that brought me directly to mysticism - to hermeticism and a deeper examination of carmelite mysticism and anthroposophy.

2009-2020 I studied business economics with a doctorate.


2012 -7 weeks on the Spanish St. James Way.

​​2009-2013 -  NLP Life Coach  Program

My spiritual sensitivity (which I didn't register consciously) was always there. So I left my girlfriend at the time in 2004 because I felt something was coming and I had to be free for it. It was my wife with whom I have been living happily for 18 years now. She gave me the greatest gift of my life - my  son Julian-Aurel.

2004 - My religious-philosophical journey brought me into contact with the Gospel of Thomas - for me, the first true text I read.​

As a child, I was always very connected to nature, could spend whole days in nature, in the forest, and was there with myself and at one with God. I felt at home in the woods. I saw the divine in the forest. When I told that to my pastor, he just laughed and shrugged.

Meditating in Nature
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