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The Inner Four Elements

ONLINE Workshop (EN) As inside, so outside. Reflecting the inner impact and harmony

  • 4 Std.
  • 77 Euro
  • Online Meeting


These transformational times ask us to look deeper and evaluate old beliefs systems, inner resistances and the inner powers that need to be harmonized to create a joyful life and a Heaven on Earth. In this workshop we will closely target the powers and impact of the inner four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water). Just like the moon has influnce on our moods and emotions, other planets also have their infulence and power that we feel deeply within. In this four hours workshop we will highlight the inner dynamic and reflect on the personal implementation and harmony of the inner elements. While the divine masculine qualities are represented by the fire and air, the divine feminine qualities are water and earth - one is however more than ever necessary to integrate - the element water. Finally, this workshop leads to recognize yoiur self entirley - your patterns, belief systems, your shadows come forth and a healing process can begin. The online workshop includes a basic lecture about the inner four elements, journaling, time for reflection and a Q&A session and will last about 4 hours.


Karl-Leitl-Straße 1, 4048 Puchenau, Österreich

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